What Tanks Can The WaterBoy Be Used With?

Tanks can be made of plastic, concrete, steel, galvanised iron, fibreglass these days. Each material has different advantages and disadvantages. As well as different construction material, a water tank can have a variety of outlet types. They may be male or female, threaded or unthreaded, constant diameter or tapered and they may range in size from around 20mm to more than 50mm.

How does the WaterBoy cope with all of these variations?

Well, the answer is relatively straightforward. When you order the WaterBoy you specify the type of tank and the size of the outlet. That is the size adapter that will be supplied with the WaterBoy. In the majority of cases, the WaterBoy will come with a male adapter to screw into the female outlet fitting. In those situations where the outlet fitting is male, simply indicate that on the order and the WaterBoy will be supplied with a female adapter.

In some rare cases, the adapter supplied may not fit. There are two reasons for this. The wrong size may have been specified when ordering, or the outlet has a tapered thread. If the wrong size has been specified, it is a simple matter to get another adapter from the local hardware shop.

If, on the other hand, the outlet is a tapered thread, it will be necessary to use the screws provided to screw through the outlet and WaterBoy adapter to hold it in place. The only movement the WaterBoy undergoes is up or down as the water level changes so there is no stress on the hose and the screws will hold it very securely.

It does not really matter what type of tank or outlet is in the tank, the WaterBoy can fit just about any tank.

The volume of the tank is not of concern either as larger capacity tanks are a greater diameter rather than a greater height so the WaterBoy will operate without problem.

In summary, the WaterBoy is suitable for any water tank and will happily deliver clean water from the top of the tank to ensure you get the best tasting water all the time.

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Prolonging Life With the WaterBoy

The Waterboy draws water from the top of your tank rather than the bottom providing you with fresher tasting, oxygenated water.

There are many varieties of bacteria in your water and the majority are completely harmless but there are several common varieties that often cause problems.

E-coli and Campylobacter, for example, when ingested in sufficient quantities cause dysentery. The actual concentration of these bacteria in the water is a very good indication of the water quality. Obviously the fewer the better.

Bacteria are mostly spread in the faeces of birds and animals. The conditions on the bottom of most tanks provide a good environment for them and they multiply, feeding on the small quantity of nutrients available at the bottom of the tank. These nutrients are primarily provided by the breakdown of organic matter, a process that itself depletes oxygen, resulting in a low oxygen zone near the bottom that, in general favours the bacteria.

As well as bacteria there are single-celled organisms include the very unpleasant parasites Giardia and Cryptosporidium that live and breed in the intestines of mammals and birds. Most tanks have few or no cysts present though the incidence is much higher if rodents or possums can access the roof or if the tank is filled from a stream.

The WaterBoyImpurities, such as dirt, leaves, paint flakes, insects etc, are not strictly a health issue; however they create other problems. They

  • block filters on dishwashers, washing machines, taps and showers.
  • quickly reduce the efficiency of the filters used to ensure tank water is safe to drink.
  • impurities and the resulting blocked filters also reduce water pressure.

A WaterBoy unit will drastically reduce these problems immediately and permanently. As well as prolonging the life of your water purifier, dishwasher, hot water service etc, the fact that you are not ingesting large quantities of bacteria could mean you prolong your own life.

The entire WaterBoy unit is non-toxic. The components are food-grade polyethylene (as is used in plastic water tanks), stainless steel and EVA. EVA is used medically and so is higher than food-grade.

You couldn’t get much better than that.

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How Does The WaterBoy Tank Water System Work?

Water tanks store not just water. They also collect everything else from your roof (or from the stream) and provide a perfect haven for a multitude of microbes in the resulting layer of matter on the bottom of the tank.

Yet this is the layer from which water is drawn into your house.

Wouldn’t it be better to get the water from the top of the tank where it is cleaner?  That is why the Waterboy Tank Water System was developed.

WaterBoy Installed

WaterBoy Installed

Obviously drawing water from the worst zone (as illustrated in the diagram) is not desirable and the Waterboy gets the water from the best zone – at the top of your tank.

Like all good innovations it is simple and it works brilliantly. Not only does it get your water away from the zone where the bugs like to reside, it also gets you the cleanest and tastiest water in the tank! i.e. just below the surface. It tastes better because it is fresh, highly oxygenated and does not contain the debris that has settled out – material such as leaf fragments, bird or possum poo, dirt and dust that has washed off your roof.

The Waterboy automatically adjusts to the changing water level in your tank and you need never worry that it isn’t working because it always is.

Whether your water tank is plastic, concrete or wood you will see that when new water enters the tank it remains near the surface. There is very little water circulation in a tank apart from the slow removal of water from the bottom (for your use) and the replenishment at the top by rainwater (or in some cases stream or bore water fed in by gravity or a pump).

The WaterBoy uses the best quality materials available, plastics, stainless steel and sometimes brass in its construction enabling us to offer a 10 year guarantee, but providing your tank is covered (and it should be) it will last many years longer than that.

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Are You On Tank Water?

Water Tank And Bore

Increasing studies into the quality of tank water have found some disturbing facts that challenge the notion of tank water superiority. Sure it is chemical free and, in general, tastes far better than town water, but in most cases tank water contains significant quantities of micro organisms, many of which can be very detrimental to your health.

Just as importantly to most people is taste and the fresher, more highly oxygenated water from the upper levels in your tank is noticeably better tasting.
The Waterboy Tank Water System has been developed to deliver to your taps the very best quality water from your tank. The WaterBoy is not a filter but will greatly extend the longevity of filters if they are installed.

Once fitted, our Waterboy system will work without further attention and is constructed from the finest materials available.

The Water Boy carries a 10 year guarantee but will last for many more.

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